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Friction Innovative Education LLP (FIE) is a young and dynamic startup organisation working in the field of Education. FIE was born as the result of an uncomforting desperation growing within us seeing the way Education today was being perceived.

We could clearly see how mistaken people were today about understanding the true essence of education; as a result of which the innocent kids were not receiving the right education which they truly deserved. The world today realises that education is long term due, a revolutionary transformation but people barely know what the real transformation should look like.

We strongly believed that we had the solution that could fill for the missing piece in our Education system today and with this as our prime aim, Friction Innovative Education LLP was formed. We primarily work with the direct stakeholders and beneficiaries of Education, i.e. students, teachers, school management and parents. We have officially been in operation since May 2014.

Friction Innovative Education has been receiving lots of praises and appreciation for the good contributions towards Education. We are also supported by the Social Entrepreneur Foundation India (SEFI).

See how it all started...

  • 2012-2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started conducting workshops with a aim of introducing the higher level stuffs to the kids from 3rd to 10th and make them sound in the fundamentals of science and technology and foster innovative spirit in them.

  • Feb 2014

    FIE is Born

    FRICTION INNOVATIVE EDUCATION LLP came into existence with a vision to induce creativity, shape the attitude and enhance the ability of a child. We had an aim to partner with our clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their education system.

  • May 2014

    Transition to Full Service

    FIE started Gyanoholic to ensure the excellent delivery of the existing workshop based teaching in a structured way. Gyanoholic provides the kids a One of its kind opportunity to deep dive into the world of innovation and learn about the different things that actually governs the world today.

  • July 2015

    Phase Two Expansion

    FIE introduced En`route Success , a progressive curriculum, designed to shape the thinking of children during their developmental stage. The program imbibes an ideal way of thinking in to the children so that they naturally embrace the right attitude of living life...

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En`route Success

A progressive curriculum to shape the thinking of children


A variety of workshops that introduces advanced concepts to kids at early age from the fields of Engineering, Technology, Commerce, World Economics, Geopolitics, etc.

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Gautam S.T.

Managing Director

Gourav Sarkar

Chief Executive Officer

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